Apply for a Grant!

 Spring 2017 grant round application available!

We are accepting applications for our Spring 2017 grant round! Download an application in Microsoft Word format or as a PDF file.

APPLICATIONS WILL BE DUE BY 11:59 PM ON MONDAY, MARCH 20. We strongly prefer that you submit your application by emailing it to If you are unable to email your application, please contact us at least 24 hours at 202-709-7038 before the application deadline to make other arrangements.

What’s new this Spring?

In this movement moment, the Diverse City Fund recognizes the need to support collective action and resistance. For the Spring 2017 grant round, we will be making $75,000 in grants, and we will accept and prioritize grant applications from groups engaging in the following types of work:

  • Coalitions/Alliances* – multi-issue, multi-constituent alliances of social change groups led by and organized in communities of color in DC
  • Mobilization – groups mobilizing people for protest and resistance
  • Organizing and Advocacy – groups engaged in organizing and advocacy, particularly around funding for public programs and services
  • Healing, Inspiration, and Liberation– groups that bring people of color together for cultural and mental liberation, the individual level work that prepares people to resist.

*Coalitions/alliances may apply for up to $5,000 per member group that is people of color-led and -focused. For example, if there are four groups collectively organizing a social justice project, they may apply for up to $20,000.

Additionally, as support for movement-building by coalitions/alliances, we will temporarily waive our requirement that applicants sit out a round if they received a grant in the prior round. This means that if a group/project received a grant in Fall 2016, they may apply again in Spring 2017, but only as a member of a coalition/alliance.


What to know about applying for a grant

Please see our updated Grantmaking Guidelines for information about who we are, what we fund, our grantmaking process, and what we mean by social justice.

Got other questions? Please check out our FAQs! If your question isn’t answered in the FAQ, contact us!

Note for past grantees: If you received a grant from the Diverse City Fund in the most recent grant round, we ask that you sit out the next funding round. However, you are encouraged to apply for the round after that! So if you received a grant in Fall 2015, you can’t apply in Spring 2016, but you CAN apply starting Fall 2016.