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**3/25/2018: Important update about our grantmaking in 2018**

The Diverse City Fund is undertaking a strategic planning process right now to determine how we can best fulfill our passion of funding for social justice. Given that we are an all-volunteer organization, this planning process is our main focus right now. As a result, we have decided to postpone our spring 2018 grant cycle while we implement some changes in our process and procedures.

Our core work is not changing. We look forward to continuing to support amazing work in our community here in DC. But we feel it is important to take this opportunity to reflect and work to improve the process and outcomes for our grantees, as well as for our volunteers (Board and Grantmaking Team).

We want to minimize the impact on our current and future grantees. So, instead of the spring grant round, for 2018 we are planning to launch a larger single grant round later this year. We plan to grant the same total amount of funds in the single larger round as we would have otherwise. In order to ensure that no repeat grantees are negatively affected, for this year we will suspend the restriction on asking grantees to wait a year before reapplying. This means that if you receive funds from us in 2018, you will be eligible to re-apply in the first cycle of 2019.

We will keep you updated on our progress this year, including sharing details on the timing and process for our next grant round. As part of our strategic planning process in the next few months, we will be reaching out to past grantees to get feedback and ideas for how we can do more and do better.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback for us, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at


What to know about applying for a grant

Please see our updated Grantmaking Guidelines for information about who we are, what we fund, our grantmaking process, and what we mean by social justice.

Got other questions? Please check out our FAQs! If your question isn’t answered in the FAQ, contact us!

Note for past grantees: If your organization received a grant as an independent group — that is, not as part of a coalition/alliance — in spring 2017, please wait till spring 2018 to apply again. An independent group that received a grant in spring 2017 may apply this fall as part of a coalition/alliance. If your coalition/alliance received a grant in spring 2017, please wait till spring 2018 to apply again as that coalition/alliance. If your independent group was part of a coalition/alliance that received a grant in spring 2017, you may apply this fall as an independent group.