62 Grants! (DC Fund End-Of-Year Fundraising Appeal)

As of our grantee celebration on Wednesday, the Diverse City Fund has given 62 grants to continue the inspiring work of organizations dedicated to improving the lives of those in the District.  Thank you for making this possible.
With your support, you have enabled the Diverse City Fund to empower organizations and move them from the invisible sidelines where they often find themselves, right into the center where they belong.

This is why we’re asking you to help keep this momentum going to ensure that the important work we support continues to grow in 2013. A generous group of donors are offering a Holiday Matching Gift Challenge of $7,500.

Every dollar you give until we reach $7,500 will be doubled. We have until December 31st to raise $7,500 that will become $15,000 to make change in our community. You can be a part of that challenge by donating today.

Please, please join us with whatever you can afford. Your support will help make it possible to grant more awards in 2013 and improve our community.

the Diverse City Fund Board of Instigators

Sylvia Robinson * Brigette Rouson * Cathy Meals * Burke Stansbury
Ayize Sabater * Andrew Willis Garcés * Jess Champagne * Jessica Solomon