About Us

DC Fund is a grantmaking organization dedicated to racial justice that invests financial and social capital for social justice. We fund and support efforts in Washington, DC, led by and rooted in communities of color to realize liberation, spark solutions, organize against oppression of all kinds, and create systemic change.

Our vision is a just DC in which communities of color flourish, systems are equitable and sustainable, and the people who are most impacted by injustice build power, develop their own solutions and create continues change.

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The Diverse City Fund grew out of a vision to support community projects and leaders working to bring about social justice in Washington DC.  We want to see a city as rich in its present diversity as in its history, grounded in respect for the work that has brought so many neighborhood institutions into being, and with a readiness to support a new generation of community leaders.

Our support comes in the form of small grants to grassroots social justice projects/organizations led by people of color in DC.  We recognize that smaller community initiatives — often volunteer-powered — have few options for funding, but it is often these very projects that work to build institutions by and for communities with the least access to resources. We seek to foster community among grantees, donors, and supporters of the Fund, and put a spotlight on less visible community-level projects.

In July 2011, after months of discussions and planning about what the Diverse City Fund would be and how it would work, we formed our Board of Instigators, the group of volunteers who lead and operate the fund. We want to center social changemakers of color in our grantmaking process: Unlike many funders whose grant decisions are made by staff or wealthy donors, our grant decisions are made by a separate Grantmaking Team composed of activists of color who are rooted in DC and its social justice work. Now more than ever it’s imperative that people of color building innovative programs to support community-building and resist displacement have a say in how philanthropic resources are utilized in the District.

All contributions to Diverse City Fund are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law. As of November 2019, we have completed 16 grant rounds and given 337 grants totaling $1,041,650.

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In 2018, we completed a 3 year strategic plan. Please contact us to request a copy of the full plan. You can read a snapshot of the strategic plan here.

If you’re interested in making a donation to the DC Fund or finding out more, please see our donation page or contact us!