Help us support DC’s changemakers of color in 2015!

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2014 grant distribution by issue area
2014 grant distribution by issue area

Dear Diverse City Fund family,

Thank you so much for your continued support of the Diverse City Fund. As you know, the Fund works to nurture community leaders and grassroots projects that are transforming DC into a more just, vibrant place to live. Through our grantmaking, we identify, support, and connect changemakers of color whose efforts are centered right here in DC.

Our unique role is to support community-level social change by funding projects that have less access to traditional funding sources.

In 2014, we have invested $100,000 in 45 local grassroots organizations and projects led by people of color. That makes our total to date $335,000 in grant awards! As an all-volunteer organization, we continue to foster a network of grantees whose combined force is more vital than ever.

Starting in January 2014, we invested energy in reflection and planning. As part of that process, in May we convened grantees for an exchange on the meaning of social justice in our community, and asked and listened for feedback on how to best support their work beyond grantmaking. We presented at the Joint Affinity Group’s UNITY conference, then participated in Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training’s “Money For Our Movements” conference – speaking as well as sponsoring three grantee organizations with paid registrations for the learning, which we plan to bring into a grantee fundraising workshop in the coming months.

In 2015, we hope to have our first-ever contracted administrative services dedicated to helping Diverse City Fund better serve stakeholders.  We also anticipate awarding another $100,000 to DC organizations led by and engaging people of color in the District. It is our donors—just like you—who fuel this work.

As we go about generating funds and building connections, we are ever mindful of the context that makes this work even more urgent and relevant: Movement-building is on the rise in the wake of new attention to police violence and injustices of the system, acceleration of local economic development projects that generate a huge response from residents, and other issues coming to the spotlight, such as immigrant rights, climate justice, and more. It is a time to heal, forge bonds, and power up. Our grantees get it (!), and are making the absolute most of very modest resources.

That is why we ask for and appreciate your support. We hope that you will consider making a donation or become a sustaining donor by December 31st to ensure our continued justice-seeking, movement building work. With your support we are lifting a new generation of community leaders!

With best wishes for a peaceful holiday season,

The Diverse City Fund Board of Instigators
Sylvia, Brigette, Julia, Alicia, Jordana, and Cathy