Call for Board of Instigators members

The Diverse City Fund is administered and led by an all-volunteer Board of Instigators (BOI). We are seeking new board members who can help us connect people and resources for a more just and vibrant DC.

Over the past five years, the Diverse City Fund has granted more than $600,000 to incredible grassroots, people of color-led, social justice projects in DC. In this moment of mobilization, as our communities face unprecedented threats and opportunities, we are committed to stepping up and doing more as a funder and fundraiser.

We are looking to increase our board capacity to chart a course forward for 2017 and beyond. This includes initiating a strategic planning process; advancing a bold, cohesive fundraising strategy; strengthening engagement with grantees, applicants, and donors; and further aligning our values and operations.



We need your need your ideas, courage, and wisdom to lead the Diverse City Fund forward!

Candidates for the BOI should:

  • Be rooted in/committed to DC
  • Be passionate about expanding social and racial justice in the city
  • Have an interest in challenging existing models of philanthropy and resource distribution

The BOI is multi-racial, and we seek both white candidates and candidates of color. We strongly encourage current and former grantees, Grantmaking Team members, and donors to apply.



The BOI holds monthly in-person meetings on weekday evenings. We hold weekend planning retreats twice a year, generally in January and August. As a working board, we are looking for candidates that can dedicate 5-15 hours per month to the operations of the Fund, which varies by season. Our operations ramp up during our grant rounds in the spring (February-April) and fall (September-November). We are looking for a two-year commitment to the BOI. While quantity is not an issue, we expect each board member to give within their means.



If you are interested in joining the BOI, we ask you to write a Statement of Interest. See below for what to include in the statement, including a list of key questions we would like you to answer! Final statements are due by 11:59 pm on Friday, June 30th, 2017.


Thanks so much for your interest in serving on the Diverse City Fund Board of Instigators. The Diverse City Fund works to nurture community leaders and grassroots projects that are acting to transform DC into a more just, vibrant place to live.

Through our grantmaking, we identify, support, and connect people in communities of color who are engaged in change work. We support the development of community-level social change by funding projects that have less access to traditional funding sources. This spring we completed our 11th grant round and gave away $75,000 to support collective action and resistance.

But enough about us – we want to know about you! Please answer the following questions in a Statement of Interest and send your answers to attached as either a Word document or PDF (no more than two pages). Please also include a resume/CV or bio!

We know that lasting social change takes passion, thoughtfulness, and extraordinary courage. Thank you for your commitment. Please respond in your own words:

  1. What draws you to the Diverse City Fund?
  2. How does the work of the Diverse City Fund connect to your values about resource distribution, racial and economic justice, and social change?
  3. Tell us a bit about the work (personally, professionally or some combination of the two) you are doing to support and enhance social justice in Washington, DC?
  4. What unique and valuable skills can you bring to your work with the Diverse City Fund? (For example: Is it the networks closest to you? Organizing skills? Fundraising experience?)
  5. Help us dream of the world we’d like to see. What is your vision of a more just DC?